We aim to transform lives through the following programs.

  • Media Advocacy on Child Sexual Abuse
  • Public Advocacy on Child Sexual Abuse
  • Education on Prevention of sexual abuse of children
  • Education on Recovery/Behavioral Change for victims/perpetuator
  • Electronic media safety guides

Media Advocacy on Child Sexual Abuse

We are on all social media platforms speaking on the ills of child sexual abuse. Our forum program on the website, "You are Not Alone" has been migrated to our Youtube Channel, were we will be interacting and discussing with both victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

Public Advocacy on Child Sexual Abuse

The issues of child sexual abuse thrive in darkness and in the silence. By turning towards these issues and raising the volume on the conversation, we can improve our society’s response to survivors and bring us closer to the day without violence and abuse. This is the goal of our public awareness initiatives.

According to UNICEF, six out of ten children in Nigeria experience emotional, physical or sexual abuse before the age of 18, with half experiencing physical violence. In Action Against Child Sexual Abuse Initiative we strive to work with knowledge of our societal values to fight the silence on reporting child sexual abuse perpetuators and managing victims by encouraging the art of speaking up or saying it out loud without the fear of the being discriminated or stigmatized.

Education on Prevention of sexual abuse of children

Visits to institutions that accommodate children to educate and inform them on the signs as well as what to do when faced with sexual abuse challenges. We work with children within the ages of 4-9 years old and 10- 16 years old. These age groups will be found in the primary and secondary schools, orphanages, churches (Sunday school), Islamic classes just to mention a few. We also educate parents care givers, teachers, guardians or any adult responsible for a child or children’s well-being on prevention of child sexual abuse.

Education on Recovery/Behavioral Change for victims/survivors

  • Dealing with victims-This program allows for interaction with victims through the face to face to media to counselling them on to recovery
  • Dealing with child perpetuators-Most child perpetuators are either victims or are exposed to inappropriate materials and will require support from parents and guardians to redirect their emotions.

Electronic media safety guides

We hope to create children friendly electronic media pictures and videos which will be used to educate both adults and children on the dangers of Child sexual abuse and will also be promoted through social media to the target audience. These messages will drive home our teachings visually within the context of our societal values for easy consumption and understanding.