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The prevalence of sexual violence worldwide is largely due to systemic gender inequalities that disempower women, children, and other minorities, and stifles their voices so that their stories are not heard. The cycle of violence is further perpetuated by the lack of justice, a dearth of pertinent information and lack of economic opportunities, which causes survivors to depend on their abusers.

Action Against Child Sexual Abuse Initiative is a women-led Non-Profit Organization focused on the use of communication technology to drive change through its activities against sexual violence in Nigeria. We are registered in Nigeria and work strategically in a targeted yet comprehensive manner to address critical gaps with the rising prevalence of sexual violence.


Our vision is to build a society where no woman or child is sexually harassed or abused, and the culture of silence, and discrimination against victims of sexual abuse is brought to an end.


Our mission is to transform societal response to violence against women and children through education, advocacy, sensitization, and awareness.


Our core values are partnership and feminism.


We are bridging knowledge gaps by empowering victims and members of society with relevant information on how to address incidents of sexual violence.


We have developed partnerships with local agencies in Nigeria to work together in developing innovative tools that mitigate incidents of sexual violence.


We support women by providing avenues for easy access of opportunities available to them without limitations.


We provide referrals for victims to receive professional counselling and therapy.